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Vital advance care planning support for aged care

A guest blog post from Julia Todd, Deputy Program Director, Engagement and Education, Advance Care Planning Australia

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Seventy per cent of older Australians are still without an Advance Care Directive. Given the expected increase in our older population and the focus on person-centred care at the end of life, our aged care workforce requires support. Julia Todd from Advance Care Planning Australia discusses the importance of ongoing education and training for the aged care sector, and insights from their initiative.

“Let’s talk about it”: Are patients too old and sick to think about sexuality and intimacy when faced with a life-limiting illness?

A guest blog post by Brigitte Karle, Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE), Neringah Hospital

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Part of holistic health care is the recognition that humans are sexual beings. Evidence tells us that the sexual needs of patients receiving palliative care are often not met. Brigitte Karle of Neringah Hospital discusses how they investigated gaps in their practice and how they could improve the ability to provide holistic care of their patients including support for intimacy and sexuality. 

Self-management of arthritic pain for older people in the community: Do Apps have a role to play?

A guest blog post by Priyanka Bhattarai, Research Associate, ELDAC (End-of-Life Directions for Aged Care)

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Technological advances are enabling the integration of mobile healthcare Apps into the self-management plans for people living with various chronic and complex conditions. Priyanka Bhattarai discusses her research into investigating if self-management Apps are a feasible and acceptable modality to assist older people in the community to better manage their arthritic pain. The potential extension of this to palliative care is also discussed.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) can help integrate the new Aged Care Quality Standards

A guest blog post by Peter Jenkin, Nurse Practitioner (Palliative Care), Resthaven

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The new Aged Care Quality Standards have now come into effect and all organisations providing aged care services in Australia will need to demonstrate how they comply with the new standards. Peter Jenkin from Resthaven discusses the role of Nurse Practitioners in helping aged care organisations integrate the new standards into practice, and thus demonstrate compliance.

Palliative care central to person-centred aged care

A blog post from Professor Jennifer Tieman, Director, Matthew Flinders Fellow, Research Centre in Palliative Care, Death and Dying

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What is the nature of person-centred care in the context of palliative care and aged care? Following the Aged Care Royal Commission hearing Professor Jennifer Tieman explores some of the issues involved in ensuring that there is holistic care for older Australians receiving aged care services coming to the end of their life.

Knowing me, knowing you… Reflecting on intimacy and sexuality at the end of life

A guest blog post by Nigel McGothigan, Director of Aged Care and Health Care Education, Australian Capital College

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No matter their diverse characteristics, life experiences, cultural background, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation or financial situation, every Australian has the right to have to their individual needs and expectations met without discrimination. For many, there remains a difficulty in accepting that older adults or those who are at end of life want intimacy and have sexuality needs. Nigel McGothigan, Director of Aged Care and Health Care Education from Australian Capital College discusses the tools put in place to support the aged care workforce to understand and be agile in addressing expectations and the complex and diverse care needs of the older person.

Why quality in palliative care guidance for aged care matters

A blog post from Professor Jennifer Tieman, CareSearch Director, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University

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Given the pressures on the aged care system and the reform agenda currently in play, there is a continuing need to ensure that current evidence and resources are available to guide care provision for older Australians as they approach the end of their life. Professor Jennifer Tieman from CareSearch highlights that the palliAGED website provides the latest evidence and resources for palliative care in aged care and discusses how it does guidance differently.

Staying in the ring: Clinical speech pathology at the end of life

A guest blog post by Wendy Pearse, Principal Project Officer for End of Life Care, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service and Speech Pathology Australia Aged Care Working Party member

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Speech pathologists will often work with patients undergoing palliative care and treatment, despite the perception that it may not be their role. Wendy Pearse, Principal Project Officer for End of Life Care at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service discusses challenging those perceptions and the importance of evidence-based practice in supporting speech pathologists in providing care for those patients.

Understanding palliative care and why it matters

A blog post by Dr Katrina Erny-Albrecht, Senior Research Fellow, CareSearch, Flinders University

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Palliative care is increasingly mentioned in mainstream and professional media releases and reports, particularly those related to aged care and cancer, but it is often misrepresented or mentioned only in passing. Dr Katrina Erny-Albrecht from CareSearch explains what palliative care is and why it matters from a researcher perspective.

Strategies to improve service and client outcomes in aged care

A guest blog post from Diana Harrison, Jennifer Gavin, Melissa Brodie and Rebecca Moore, ELDAC Facilitators from Queensland University of Technology

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When older Australians require multiple specialists and teams for their care, how do you keep everyone on the same page? In their latest blog, the ELDAC facilitator team from QUT share strategies to partner with other services to improve the care that older Australians receive at the end of life.