Administering of Medicines

Subcutaneous Medicine Administration 

Subcutaneous administration of medicines is a safe and practical way of administering medicines to palliative patients.

For specific guidance around subcutaneous doses, refer to symptom management.

Combining medicines in a syringe

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Eastern Metropolitan Region Palliative Care Consortium (704kb pdf)

Use of syringe drivers in palliative care

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Therapeutic Guidelines: Palliative Care


  • Use more than one syringe driver if there are compatibility problems and alternative routes are unsuitable
  • Medicines with long half-lives (eg dexamethasone or clonazepam) may be administered separately as a subcutaneous bolus, reducing the likelihood of compatibility problems
  • Be practical - confirm maximum volume that the syringe driver can handle

Resources for Caregivers

The Caring Safely at Home project (Queensland) have develop a suite of resources to support caregivers and those supporting them to administer medicines safely. 

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