palliAGED Projects

palliAGED Projects

 APRAC and COMPAC Guidelines - ThumbnailpalliAGED is expanding. A set of projects is creating new content and new ways of making content accessible. This is an important part of palliAGED translating its knowledge and evidence and engaging users within aged care.

palliAGED’s role is to provide palliative care guidance for residential aged care and for home care. It was designed to update and replace the APRAC and COMPAC Guidelines (485kb pdf). 

Research evidence is an essential part of this guidance. Making guidance available in ways that can it be used by the aged care sector is an important part of translating evidence for practice. To assist in translation palliAGED is working with CareSearch on its Engagement Project

The palliAGED team continues to ensure that content is current, relevant to the sector and comprehensive. This underpins the series of projects we have included in this section. Each project page describes what is being done and why the project is needed.

The projects show some of the work that occurs behind the scenes in creating new resources and the quality processes that underpin their trustworthiness.

Page updated 15 October 2021