Nurses Education and Training

Nurses Education and Training

Our understanding of palliative care knowledge and practice changes with new research and care practices. Education and training can help you stay up to date.

Our training

palliAGED has a freely available series of introductory modules designed to kickstart your understanding of palliative care for older people. These short modules draw on and complement the evidence-based palliAGED Practice Tip Sheets for Nurses. There is also a companion manual to the modules with practical tips for communication, and tips on selected care issues and tools . You can download a certificate to add to your learning portfolio for CPD.

Finding Education and training

If you are looking for education in palliative care, we recommend that you check out available courses in our section for Education and Training.

You will find:

If you are looking for further education and training, the Australian Government funds a range of national palliative care projects primarily focused on education, training, quality improvement and advance care planning.

Many of these National programs have a focus on nurses and a specific setting of practice. palliAGED and its partner site CareSearch are part of this National Palliative Care Program. Many of the National Palliative Care Projects  actively engage with palliAGED and CareSearch and use our evidence  and resources within their educational activities including ELDAC PEPA, PCC4U, Advance(Dementia) and CarerHelp. By working together we can extend the reach and impact of the National Palliative Care Strategy and Program. To find out more visit the palliAGED page about the National programs.

Why it matters

Undertaking education and training can contribute to requirements for Continuing Professional Development as part of registration or to accreditation processes for services.

If you are working within aged care, then the courses listed here might be used to supplement in-house learning and to gain additional qualifications in palliative care.

When providing homecare, the people you care for and hence your education needs might change frequently. The online courses listed in palliAGED can be a convenient way to increase your understanding and skills as needed.

Page created 13 May 2021