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Preparing for the new Standards: Person-centred care

Although the introduction of the Standards is likely to be delayed, we continue our series focused on elements of Outcome 5.7. In this issue we explore information and resources to help you support and respect an older person's spiritual, cultural and psychosocial needs. This helps you provide best-practice person-centred care (Action 5.7.3).

Posted: 2/05/2024

Preparing for Outcome 5.7: Palliative and end-of-life care

In this issue we focus on information and resources that help to identify and manage changes in pain and end-of-life symptoms and deliver effective care that respects the needs of the older person (Action 5.7.3).

Posted: 4/04/2024

Preparing for Outcome 5.7: Palliative and end-of-life care

Over the next few issues, palliAGED News will focus on the elements of Outcome 5.7 in the strengthened Standards. This month we look at the importance of good communication (Action 5.7.2) for advance care planning and in ensuring the needs, goals and preferences of the older person are known and respected. Keep up to date with palliAGED between newsletters via LinkedIn.

Posted: 7/02/2024

Education on the Run video: Recognising deterioration

Personal care workers in close contact with residents may be the first to notice signs that someone is approaching the end of their life. This short (2 min) video lists some of the common signs that a resident may be approaching the end of their life—information a care worker can then report to the nurse in charge.

Posted: 6/02/2024

New education videos in palliAGEDnurse app

The palliAGEDnurse app now features a series of 10 short education videos for aged care nursing staff. These resources will equip nurses with skills to provide effective care to people approaching the end of life and support families. Topics include:

  • What to say to family when a resident dies
  • How to do a soft towel wash
  • Recognising signs of deterioration
  • Pain management at the end of life
  • How does culture impact on care?


Posted: 8/12/2023

New palliAGED LinkedIn account

palliAGED has joined the LinkedIn community with a new account. Follow us for the latest palliative care evidence and practice information to help you provide better end-of-life care to older Australians. Stay up to date with sector news, updates and learn about relevant aged care resources. 

Posted: 8/12/2023

palliAGED at the ACCPA National Conference

The palliAGED team had a meaningful interaction with ACCPA National Conference delegates last week. We extend our gratitude to everyone who engaged in discussions about our evidence-based resources aimed at enhancing the quality of end-of-life care. During these conversations, we sought input on your information needs with the addition of palliative care (outcome 5.7) within Standard 5 of the revised Aged Care Quality Standards.

The responses highlighted two key areas of priority: 'Improving staff understanding of their role' (73%) and 'Initiating advance care planning discussions' (65%). Additionally, the survey indicated that 'online self-paced learning modules' (74%) and 'online videos' (73%) were the preferred resources for bridging knowledge and skills gaps in this domain.

We will be using this information in the coming months to develop our practice resources to help aged care meet the new palliative care outcome. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our Practice Centre to discover the range of resources we already offer the sector.

Posted: 2/11/2023

Need to get started?

Our practice tips for nurses and careworkers are one way to introduce and develop the palliative care understanding, confidence, and capability of your workforce. Another is our Introduction Modules for aged care.   

Posted: 2/11/2023

palliAGED at the ACCPA National Conference

We invite you to visit the palliAGED team at Booth #62 during the upcoming ACCPA National Conference from October 25th to 27th. Here you can discover a range of knowledge and practice resources aimed at supporting nurses and care workers in delivering high-quality palliative care. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with our team, explore our resources, and gain insights into effective palliative care practices in aged care. As an additional incentive, we encourage you to participate in our competition for a chance to win a hamper of delicious South Australian goodies. We look forward to meeting you at Booth #62.

Posted: 4/10/2023

Aged care at the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference

Our team were pleased to meet many aged care staff with an interest in palliative care at the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference earlier this month. Thank you to those of you that took the time to tell us your thoughts on our resources and how you use them. Overall, the feedback from the conference indicated most people used palliAGED and/or CareSearch resources to increase their own knowledge (26%) or that of others in their team (21%). We were also pleased to learn that 86% of people who have used our resources believe they led to improved palliative care knowledge, care quality, or organisational processes.

Posted: 4/10/2023