palliAGED for educators and managers

palliAGED for educators and managers

There are many ways that you could use the palliAGED suite of information and resources. Here we provide some examples:

  • You could integrate selected resources into your in-house training or orientation. Suggestions include:
    • Create a plan for palliative care orientation for nurses new to your service. You can nominate specific modules and Practice Tip Sheets for them to complete and discuss with you.
    • Use our palliAGED modules and Practice Tip Sheets as part of your inhouse training calendar.
    • Develop a focus month to highlight palliative care or a specific palliative care issue with links to the relevant modules and tip sheets.
    • Select individual Tip Sheets to stimulate in-house discussions.
    • Use the palliAGED forms to simulate care processes.
  • Contact palliAGED to find out about adding the Introduction to palliative care modules for aged care to your local LMS.
  • Add your logo to the palliAGED forms and use them in-house.
  • Refer to the Improving practice section to look for options at the organisational level in responding to specific care issues and topics.
  • Have staff download the palliAGEDnurse App so that consistent evidence-based practice is applied.
  • Use the Evidence synthesis and summary content to support development of policy and procedures.
  • Go to Understanding the Standards to learn more about the points of intersection between the Aged Care Quality Standards and palliative care to focus attention on areas of need.

Page created 13 May 2021