palliAGEDnurse App

palliAGEDnurse App

The palliAGEDnurse app helps nurses working in residential aged care, community care and general practice to care for older people with palliative care needs. It highlights a care framework built around three care processes – advance care planning, palliative care case conferences, and establishing a care plan for the dying person. Nurses can navigate quickly to the three care processes. More specific information relevant to their practice setting can also be found.

The app also includes a series of 10 short training videos for aged care workers on end-of-life care topics. Created by SA Health, the Education on the Run series covers communicating with family, managing pain and breathlessness, recognising deterioration and active dying, and practical matters such as mouth care and providing a soft towel wash. These videos are located in the Palliative Approach Framework section of the app.

The app's online-offline capacity means it can be used anywhere in Australia. As this app is web-based, it will be updated as new evidence and resources are released. If you don't have a smart phone or just prefer using a computer, you can view the content online through your web browser at

palliAGEDnurse is available for free download from the Apple and Google Play online app stores.


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Page updated 26 March 2024