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End of Life Care, evidence-based tip sheets for all aged care staff

A guest blog post by Nigel McGothigan, Member Advocate at Leading Age Services Australia Ltd (LASA)

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Many people do not receive the right care at the end of life in residential aged care. Nigel McGothigan from LASA discusses complexities of the Aged Care Industry and the importance of resources such as the palliAGED Practice Tip Sheets for aged care workers to support them in providing exceptional and exemplary care.

palliAGED practice tips: easy-to-read and evidence-based palliative care resource

A guest blog post by Prosper Sithole, Nurse Practitioner at Bupa Aged Care Australia

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Many people working in aged care are faced with challenges of not knowing what to do for someone in their care. Prosper Sithole from Bupa Aged Care Australia discusses her experience has a registered nurse working in aged care and how access to evidence-based resources, such as the palliAGED practice tip sheets, can support those looking after the elderly.

palliAGEDnurse app: Putting information in nurses’ hands

A Guest Blog Post from Dr Jennifer Tieman, CareSearch Director, Associate Professor, Discipline Palliative and Supportive Services

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There is no doubt that nurses are fundamental to health care. There are over 350,000 nurses currently practising in Australia. They are the largest single health profession in Australia. But more importantly, they are most often the face of care to the person needing care. And this is particularly important to remember when thinking about the care needs of an older person who may be the last stage of their life.

Many older people spend some or all of the last year of their life at home. Some will move to residential aged care or will already be in an aged care facility. Others will live with families or friends. Some may spend time in a hospital. Nearly all will be involved with a GP and with their Practice Nurses. So not only are nurses critical in enabling good care for older Australians coming to the end of their life, they will be providing this care in many different settings.