Project Team

Project Team

The palliAGED site has been developed by and is maintained by the CareSearch Project Team, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University. The project is led by the CareSearch Director, Professor Jennifer Tieman.

Current Project Team:

  • Professor Jennifer Tieman, CareSearch Director
  • Dr Katrina Erny-Albrecht, CareSearch Senior Research Fellow
  • Ruth Murton, CareSearch Web Content Administrator
  • Samantha Parker, CareSearch Marketing Assistant
  • Cameron Shepherd, CareSearch Website Officer
  • Fiacre Baker, Marketing Manager
  • Omeed shahriari, Marketing Assistant

Content Development Contributors

  • Dr Sandra Bradley - Evidence Review and Page Author
  • Lizzie Button - Evidence Screening
  • Roma Dicker - Evidence Review and Page Author
  • Olivia Farrer - Evidence Review and Page Author
  • Susan Gravier - Evidence Review and Page Author
  • Sue Hammond - Librarian
  • Mikaela Lawrence - Librarian
  • Gracie Tanner - Evidence Screening
  • Janet Taylor - Evidence Review and Page Author

Page updated 05 March 2019