Complaints About Care

Complaints About Care

If you are unhappy about your care or the care of your family member talk to the staff.

  • All Residential Aged Care Facilities are required to have a policy on complaints. They should let residents know the process for making complaints (Aged Care Act 1997).
  • Straight forward complaints and issues can usually be dealt with by the registered nurses and staff providing care. However, the issue may not be answered satisfactorily, or it may happen again. If so, it is best to talk to a manager at the facility.

If you are not pleased with the response to your complaint, there is another option. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission investigates complaints about aged care. If you are not satisfied with the facility’s response to your complaint they will investigate. There is information on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website where you can make a complaint online or by telephoning 1800 951 822.

  • Some concerns that the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission can assist with include:
    • health care, for example wound care, medication and care assessment
    • personal care assistance, for example showering, dispensing medication, feeding and mobility
    • communication, for example how information is shared with you and how your questions are responded to, including complaints
    • staff roles, for example how they do their job and provide care
    • living environment, for example safety, security, and cleaning
    • some fees and charges in care agreements
    • choice and preferences, for example showering and meal arrangements and tailored activities.

If you are unsure of your rights, or want someone to speak on your behalf, the National Aged Care Advocacy services can help. These services are provided by the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN). The myagedcare website also has links to organisations in each state that provide advocacy services to older Australians including those in Aged Care. Tel 1800 200 422 or visit

Page created 14 January 2022