Talking With Children

Talking With Children

Simple and honest discussions about death and dying help

Talking to children about dying and death is not easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent, other family member or friend. It may seem easier not to scare or burden them. Unfortunately children and teenagers need to face what is happening. They may become more anxious if they feel secrets are being kept from them.

Children (4 years and over) and teenagers need information that is:

  • honest
  • timely and appropriate to their developmental age and situation.

How to start

Make time to talk with them. Listen to what they are asking and what they are saying.

Start by finding out what they know. They may be concerned about things that are not true or they may have concerns that you had not considered.

Let them know that they can always ask questions or share their feelings with you. Regularly ask if they want to talk or ask questions.

Prepare them in advance for visits to hospitals or health care settings by describing what they might see. Children will react differently. If they are not distressed, then visits can be continued.

Page created 05 November 2021