PA Toolkit Closure

PA Toolkit Closure

PA Toolkit logoResidential aged care is the site of care for many older people coming to the end of their life. The Palliative Approach (PA) Toolkit was a set of clinical, educational and management resources designed to guide and support residential aged care facilities to implement a comprehensive, evidence-based and person-centred approach to palliative care. This resource was first developed in 2009. However, as the evidence base and context for residential care provision changed, the guidance became less suitable for ongoing use. The PA Toolkit was retired on 30 June 2020.

Introducing Alternate Resources

There are now new resources that are available to assist residential aged care, home care and primary care services and staff in providing palliative care to older Australians. We have reviewed a range of different projects and resources to identify other quality sources of palliative care information, tools and learning options suitable for aged care. These are found in the Finding Alternate Resources Documents.

Finding Particular Content

We also mapped all of the components of the PA Toolkit and have provided a summary of options for individual content elements. If you have previously downloaded the link of an individual PA Toolkit page, when you click on this link you will automatically be redirected to an alternate resource.

We have also provided options for information on a wide range of common palliative care issues such as Pain, Nutrition or Diverse Populations. These can be found in:

We invite you to explore and make use of these important resources to guide care of older Australians approaching the end of their life.

Finding Out More

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