PA Toolkit Closure

PA Toolkit Closure

About the PA Toolkit

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The Palliative Approach (PA) Toolkit is a set of clinical, educational and management resources designed to guide and support residential aged care facilities to implement a comprehensive, evidence-based, person-centred and sustainable approach to palliative care for appropriate residents. The model of care underpinning the PA Toolkit uses a resident’s estimated prognosis to trigger three key clinical processes.

The current version hosted by CareSearch was developed as a series of project funded under the Encouraging Better Practice in Residential Aged Care (EBPRAC) Initiative. Initial development and pilot-testing of the PA Toolkit model of care undertaken by UQ/BlueCare was completed in 2009-2010 and aligned with the APRAC Guidelines. A national rollout of the 2009-2010 Palliative Approach Toolkit for Residential Aged Care Facilities led by Brisbane South Palliative Care Collaborative was completed between 2012 and 2015. In 2015, additional resources for careworkers were developed and in 2015-2016 workshops for locums and deputising service practitioners were held. In early 2015, CareSearch entered into an agreement within Brisbane South to support sustainable access to the PA Toolkit resources via a web-based presence.

Since the PA Toolkit was first developed in 2009, there have been changes to the evidence base for palliative for older people and major changes to the way that aged care is provided in Australia. New projects and resources such as palliAGED and ELDAC have also been produced to support the aged care sector. As a result it has been decided to retire the PA Toolkit. From 30 June 2020, the PA Toolkit website will be closed. However, we will make sure that we redirect PA Toolkit users to other resources that can help in providing palliative care to aged care clients and residents.

Mapping Alternative Resources

Initial discussions between CareSearch, UTS and Metro South Palliative Care Services have agreed to integrate content from the PA Toolkit into CareSearch, ELDAC and palliAGED websites through identification of suitable replacement pages and resource. By the end of April we will finalise a Content Transition Plan (CTP) will outline the path for each component of the PA Toolkit including:

  • Webpages
  • PDFs
  • Videos

During May we will begin the process of setting up closing non-relevant content such as old newsletters. We will then start to build the linkage redirects to alternate resources after closure.  There may be some limited redirects immediately. Some pages or resources from the PA Toolkit may need to be redeveloped and relocated to enable a complete mapping and maintenance of the PA Toolkit content.  

Informing the Community

We are preparing and implementing a promotional campaign to let current users know what is happening. We will be using social media and the ELDAC, CareSearch and palliAGED channels to announce the imminent closure of the PA Toolkit and the availability of alternate resources.


The PA Toolkit site will close on Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Page created 04 May 2020