palliAGED Community Centre

palliAGED Community Centre

Since its launch in 2017, palliAGED has provided palliative care guidance for the aged care sector and through the For Community section information for older people and their families. But we know that since then the palliAGED audience has changed and with this so have some of their information needs. So, building on the work associated with the redevelopment of the CareSearch portal, we have mirrored relevant content from the new CareSearch sections and developed new content for the expanded and updated For Community section in palliAGED.

Maintaining a focus for palliAGED

CareSearch provides palliative care information and resources for across the life course and care settings. In contrast palliAGED has a focus on care of the older person.

So, in October 2021 our first step was to map the new CareSearch community centre against current content within palliAGED. This helped us to assess relevance to the care of older people and identify gaps where more support might be needed. Based on this review, in November 2021 the selected content was brought across from CareSearch to expand and complement existing information within palliAGED. During January 2022, we developed new information packages outlining care options in aged care and government support packages.

This has meant that palliAGED now provides support for older people preparing for future care needs as well as those with current care needs at the end of life. In line with expected increased demand for at home care palliAGED also provides more support for those taking on palliative care within the setting of their own home.

The new community centre was released in January 2022 and now provides information on:

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