Dementia care resources

Dementia care resources

Where to find support

With dementia now one of the leading causes of death in Australia the need for everyone to understand and be prepared to provide care has never been greater. For people working in aged care this is even more the case.

To help individuals and organisations get started we have listed some of the freely available training and information options.

Resources for direct care providers

  • Dementia Training Australia
    • Lanyard cards - Two cards featuring three checklists:
      • How well am I communicating?
      • Understanding the behaviour being observed
      • Getting to know the person living with dementia
    • Responsive Behaviours Quick Reference Cards - on-the-spot point of reference for health professionals and care staff working with people with dementia to help in the management of responsive behaviours.

Resources for organisations

Resources to support in-house training

Online training in dementia care

Page updated 08 April 2024